Saturday, July 09, 2005

CoD? Movie Review - War of the Worlds


There was a time when, regardless of the quality of the movie, one could always justify sitting in a theater for 2 hours without thinking about how much money you just forked over.

Sadly, we no longer live in that age.

Was the movie good? In my opinion... yes. None involved, however, should look at this as their "best effort". Cruise was Cruise. Spielberg was Spielberg. Fanning was Annoying.

Much of my on-the-fence-ness about this movie has to do with the experience itself. The theater was no bigger than my apartment. The sound was at a 2 for the first 45 minutes, but managed to crank itself up to 11 for the last half (just in time to catch Dakota's most potent screams). The 3 day old infant in the back row (what parent DOES that?!?!) matched Fanning's performance on-screen.

All that aside, the movie itself had its moments of greatness and its moments of really-not-so-greatness. I won't get into either of them, because lets face it... it's summer blockbuster time and you're either going to see the flick or you're not. My opinion won't make the slightest difference.

All I'll say is... If you have something that you can get for 11 bucks and know you won't question the purchase immediatley after... do that instead.

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