Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Guest Blogging

Karol over at Alarming News was kind enough to invite me to guest blog on her site as she's in the midst of a rather hectic week. Seeing as how she gets more hits in a day than this humble site has gotten since its birth, I was a little hesitant.

But something I saw on the news last night prompted me to give it a shot.

When will gay activists realize that by trying to force change on things that have been in effect for centuries they will only end up weakening the fight for equal rights and put the progress made so far in jeopardy....?


On a lighter note, my best friend and I are working on a new blog. Should be rarin' to go here in a few days. If any of you could suggest a couple left-leaning blogs for me to link (on her behalf), I'd appreciate it. The crazier the better.

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