Friday, July 15, 2005

My Take On That Rove Thing

So here's the deal. I've read stuff here and there about this Karl Rove fellow. There's apparently been some stories about him on the news lately... a lot in the papers... some more on the tube.... so I figured I should make a comment on it. (If it's fit to print, right?)

I could care less....


Either way....

If he didn't do anything (which it seems to be shaping up that way), then whoop-dee-doo. We just wasted all this prime air-time and print space over a non-issue. Well done libs. Here's your cookie.

If what the NYTimes and the rest of that flock accuse him of is actually a crime and he's actually found guilty of said crime, then fine. Punish him. Fire him. Do whatever. Libs get their head on a pike and can dance in the streets.

Here's the thing though. If Rove is clear, then he obviously stays put. If he's not and he resigns/gets fired, the Left will bask in their victory... but only for a certain amount of time until the next witch-hunt pops up. (Granted, the media will gloat about until the Second Coming, which I heard is right around the corner.) But the bottom line is that even without Grand Puppeteer Rove pullin' the strings they will find the smallest thing to whine/bitch/cry/slit wrists over. Nothing short of a Dem in the White House (or a Bush impeachment) will please them.

Is it wrong of me to just want the insanity to end....?

:::CLARIFICATION::: (for that guy/gal who may or may not read this site)

My "not giving a shit" about this Rove business is not to come across that I'm blase about CIA agents having their cover blown. Obviously that is an offense that not only endangers said agent, but America's national security as well. The point I was trying to make is that it's getting harder and harder to take All The Left's Gripes seriously when there seems to be a never ending supply. (Feel free to insert your own "crying wolf" moral here.)

And lately it seems that every time they get a story that could damage the administration and bring them the sweet revenge they so desperately crave, it turns out to backfire on them. (I could bring up RatherGate, but really... why bother.)

I suggest that if they have a point to prove, make sure it's valid and legit and won't turn around and immediately blow up in their face (as it looks like it's about to do).

Thanks to Ace for giving one more shit than I do about this whole thing and actually following the story a bit.

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