Saturday, July 23, 2005

Thoughts On A Crazy World.

So I started thinking more and more about the story from my last post. It normally takes quite a bit for me to get fired up, but that picture did the trick.

The image of two teenagers moments before their lives were ended... because they were homosexual.

And that got me to thinking. Why? I asked myself that when I watched planes fly into the Twin Towers. I asked myself that as I watched them crumble. I asked myself that while driving to what had now become a meaningless job interview that day.


I honestly don't think there is anyone in this country that hasn't wondered that same thing. And on that day and the immediate weeks after, we were united in sharing the belief that knowing the "why" wouldn't change anything, wouldn't bring back those who died.

Since then, there are those in this country that have decided that the "why" does matter. That knowing what drives these people to commit these acts will aid in bringing about world peace. ...I wish I had their "optimism".

Would there have been an understanding that could've stopped Hitler from slaughtering 6 million Jews? What about Stalin? Pol-Pot? What exactly could we have done to better comprehend their madness and how could we have used that knowledge to end it?

Maybe it was Hitler's belief that the Jews lost WWI for Germany and blamed them for every other problem in the world that made him enact a "final solution". Ok. There. Knowing that, go end the Holocaust.

Maybe it was Stalin's paranoia and his thirst for power that drove him to mass murder. Excellent. You got the "why", now go stop some purges.

You see what I'm saying?

The people who are now driving this effort to "better understand" why these Islamofascists hate us are doing so because they think they got it all figured out.... We did it. We made them hate us. We're getting what we deserve. The Michael Moore's and the Sean Penn's and the Maggie Gyllenhaal's of the world figure if we just stop being so gosh-darn mean and oppressive to those in the Middle East, well then... these grey skies will clear up.

Those two teenagers were killed because they were homosexual by the same type of people who brought down the Twin Towers.

.... What did America have to do with that?

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