Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm A Gay Repyblican

No folks... not a typo.

On Gay Repyblicans
"Is it like gay men go into the priesthood because they figure, 'Well, this'll solve my problem. I can't be a homosexual in the priesthood;it'll just go away. Maybe I'll try it with the Republican Party.'" – Bill Maher

Right off HBO's site. (Scroll down to the bottom.)

Also be sure to catch Al Franken's thoughts "On Dafur" on the same page. (Least they got it right in the actual quote.)

Innocent typos, I'm sure. The Y and U are neigbors after all. And that R.... he can be one slick sonofabitch sometimes. But c'mon... How many Emmy's does this network need before it can start hiring people who are capable of spell checking?

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