Friday, August 12, 2005

My Advice To Bush: Talk To Sheehan

Give her the time that she and her new-found anti-war "friends" are asking.

Lets face it. The lefty anti-war crowd saw this woman as their new face of tragedy. They flocked to her under the guise of support and compassion to help her gain an audience with the president to air her grievances. In reality, this is the best publicity these groups have gotten in awhile. Camped outside Bush's home in Texas. Denouncing his leadership. Protesting the war.
The longer Bush holds out, the longer they can stay.

I say, give 'em what they want. Talk to Sheehan. Then its, "Ok, see ya. Thanks for stopping by."

Once their self-proclaimed goal of getting her some one-on-one time with the president is attained, what reason do they have for being there? What reason will Cindy have for staying? Force them to find another grieving mother or widow. Make them find another venue to put their catchy little "Bush Lied People Died" signs.

I can only imagine the pain of losing a child and my heart genuinely goes out to Ms. Sheehan for her loss, but I question her motives. A lot.

**Update** Your friend and mine, Karol, weighs in on the publicity issue and the real reason the anti-war crowd is there.

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