Monday, August 08, 2005

Separation Of Entertainment And Politics

Look. I know this is a free country. I know that people have every right to express their views and opinions of the world through whatever media is available to them. I also know that it's no secret that the entertainment industry is awash in left-wing ideology and that they have every right to inject their personal beliefs into songs, films, or (in this case) broadway shows. But....


My mom, sister, and I took in Avenue Q and Hairspray this weekend. Both excellent shows. Both entertaining. Both with a quick one-lined jab to the administration. Now, did that make me like the shows less? Not at all. Did the liberals in the audience get a kick out of it? You bet. Did I feel a little awkward when I wasn't applauding along with 99% of the theater that voted for Kerry? Yeah, a little.

Granted, the jabs took up maybe 15 seconds of a two and a half hour show. But those 15 seconds had nothing to do with the story. Nothing to further the show along. They were nothing more than cheap shots intended to get guaranteed laughs from a guaranteed liberal audience. My problem is... we didn't pay for political commentary, no matter how brief. If we wanted that, we would've gotten tickets to something starring Tim Robbins and his political scientist wife. I know, you're saying... "Chad, get the hell over it." If this was just an isolated incident, then fine, consider it dropped. But it's everywhere. Did Spielberg and his screenwriter have to make people aware of the "likeness" between aliens invading Earth and the US invading Iraq? Did Linda Rondstat have to throw in her two cents during a performance in Vegas? Will the world end if the Dixie Chicks keep their collective traps shut while overseas?


The entertainers in this country need to begin to realize that not everyone gives a rats tookus what they think or believe. If they want to get into politics and change the world, great. But do it in a debate while running for public office. Don't put it in a Broadway show while I'm trying to focus on the puppet sex.

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