Thursday, September 29, 2005

Excuse Me, Stewardess... I Speak "Oppression"

Flight attendants are now moving to boycott the Jodie Foster hit Flightplan, citing that, "the Disney film could breed distrust of their members among real airline passengers."

Gimme' a break....

There's two possible reasons for this. 1.) The Association of Flight Attendants and Transport Workers Union feels the general public is too stupid to differentiate between real life and Hollywood fiction, or 2.) They really peeved about having a few of them portrayed as rude, unsympathetic, extortionists.

I find reason #1 to be a stretch. There's tons of movies out there that have fake bad guys in real life jobs. In Backdraft you have a firefighter turned arsonist. The Spiderman films are big on having scientists go loco and try to take over the world. And what about Denzel's Oscar-winning role as a corrupt cop in Training Day? Good God! Is there no one I can trust anymore??

I think it's more likely that they're offended at being cast in a negative light. Well, guess what kids? It's a movie. An action movie. In action movies, you need antagonists. When said action movie takes place on a plane, there's a good chance that those antagonists may end up being crew members.

But if they want to boycott the film, I guess they have every right to. I have to call "bullshit" on their reasoning though. We're not stupid. I am fully aware that I am in a theater watching a fictional movie and not living through some real-life drama where pilots and flight attendants have turned on the rest of humanity. Get over yourselves.

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