Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gay Marriage Backfire

And so it begins....

The Massachusetts Constitution makes for an allowance of its citizens to vote to "'remove' tyrannical judges immediately."

State Speaker Sal DiMasi (D) "has no realistic choice other than to allow a vote of the legislators inasmuch as the Democratic support of homosexual marriage is destroying his Party in this state."

Destroying the Democratic party? But... I thought the Dems were our friends!! Why would allowing gay marriage cause the party to crumble?

Oh right. 'Cause no one f-ing voted on it!!

I fear that this is the second domino to fall in this colossal mess. The first being the 11 states that offered up gay marriage bans which voters subsequently approved 6 months after Massachusetts let it up to the courts.

This frustrates the hell out of me. When in God's name will the leaders of the gay community clue in to the fact that by forcing these issues down the public's collective throats we are only doing ourselves more harm than good.


h/t: Ace

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