Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Shameless Post For Personal Gain

If anyone that comes across this should happen to be a wunderkind of pro-football odds, please let me know. We are starting a pool at work, and while I do consider myself capable of making the calls on my own, a more learned opinion would never hurt.

There's money in it for me. Not any sizeable amount, but what I like to consider a small dose of "play" dough.

However. Should you, lucky reader, assist me on my way to glory in the annals of office sports pools, the riches bestowed upon you would rival that of King Solomon.

Of course I'm talking about a cookie...

... or maybe a nice fudge brownie from that bakery across the street...

... most certainly my undying gratitude.

At least for a couple of days until the following week's match-ups are released. And then it's wash, rinse, repeat!!

Add it all up, and that's a lot of pastries my friend.

.... A lot of pastries.

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