Monday, October 03, 2005

SCOTUS Nominee Miers: Sacrificial Lamb?

I'll be the first to say that my skills for political analysis are pretty much on par with my aptitude for Nigerian basket-weaving: both are non-existent. Which is why I feel comfortable saying that I think Miers is a set-up. When it doesn't happen and she gets confirmed, well... did you honestly think I'd be right? (And if it does, mad props to myself.)

It's no secret that the Dems are viewing Roberts' confirmation as the Ultimate Act of Good Will and Faith on Their Part. Even though the man was more than qualified for the job, there were those on the left that felt the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse would be rounding the bend about 12 minutes after his swearing in. But, against their better judgement, they voted to confirm him.

Now we have a nominee who's resume, while impressive, doesn't include one lick of judicial experience. If Roberts, who had such an impressive eptiome to back him up, ran into such a partisan attack in his confirmation process, what are we to expect from the Dems when it comes to Miers' hearings?

I think Bush has chosen a nominee that he expects will be shot down. On the chance she is confirmed, she's still a strong conservative voice on the Supreme Court.

However, if rejected, how much harder would it be for the Dems to shoot down a second, more qualified (and possibly more conservative) nominee?


On the lighter side: GP predicts the onslaught of lesbian rumors.

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