Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Get The F*** Outta My House...

... in Jesus' name I pray!"

I figured I had all but given up on the joke that has become "reality TV", but due to numerous friends' insistance, I tuned in to Fox tonight to catch the end of Trading Spouses. Having seen the commercials for this episode and knowing the network's penchant for quality television (When Animals Attack VII anyone?), I knew this would be a grand slam.

Let me tell you... if there ever was a better illustration of the hypocrisy the religous right is capable of, I have yet to see it. Yes, I'm sure some of it is set up. Yes, I'm sure there's plenty of Michael Moore style editing. But... damn! No trickery is required when you're given such hypocritcal gold as the quote that titles this post.

The F-Bomb and Jesus. Bringing peace to the world since the B.C./A.D. changeover.

Those cunning guys at Fox did some editing trickery. The actual quote is, "Get the hell out of my house, in Jesus' name I pray." There really was no F-bomb. Disregard this entire post.

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