Thursday, November 17, 2005

Open Source Media Launch

This has been blogged about by GayPatriot and a few others around, but seeing as how I was fortunate enough to go as well, I figured I'd chime in with the "out-of-my-league" perspective.

Let's start off with breakfast and the handmade nametag that screams "my blog gets two hits a day and I really have no business being here". When the likes of Instapundit come walking by while you're nonchalantly drinking your OJ and admiring the view from the 65th floor of Rockefeller center and you realize that you have a sticky piece of paper on your chest with the words "Cake or Death" on it scribbled in black Sharpie, you tend to wish the windows on said floor opened outward. Yeah, it was uncomfortable, but in that awe-inspiring, please-Chad-whatever-you-do-don't-fart-now kinda way.

Regardless though, both panels that OSM had invited to speak were really good. And to hold my interest at 10am, you gotta either be really loud or really engaging. Luckily, these guys were all the latter. Even Judith Miller. I guess the highlite of the day for me was after everything had wrapped, I was riding the elevator down from the Rainbow Room and found myself standing directly in front of the former intrepid NYTimes reporter.

That's when I farted....

Ok, no I didn't really fart on Judy Miller. But I did think about it. And it gave me one of those laughs you get in public that no matter how hard you try to stifle it, anyone that can see you can see your shoulders bouncing uncontrollably and know that you either have done or have thought about doing something completely inappropriate.

After all that, they had a reception where a bunch of the NY Crew showed up. Ace, Karol, Lisa from the Urban Grind. Was good seeing all those fine folk again. And then meeting new folk like the Malcontent, the Party Crasher, Boi From Troy, GayPatriot. Can now put faces with blogs.

All in all, a really good time was had.

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