Thursday, December 22, 2005

All For Not

Well, New York... looks like transportation should be back up and running at it's normal oh-so-punctual pace by the weekend. Good news, no doubt.

But it kinda' makes ya' wonder -- What exactly was Croissant (henceforth known as Douchebag) and his union trying to prove? They won't have a contract when they slowly start punching their time cards again. Douchebag's ridiculous pension demands still will not have been resolved. Sure, they're going back to the negotiating table, but... Why go back to work now?

Or, more importantly, why strike in the first place?

Why is Douchebag willing to work on this now, but was so adamant about walking out 3 days ago? I've been following this story fairly closely, but I must've missed some important development - some drastic change of heart on one side or the other - that has made it hunky-dory to resume negotiations again. I'm quite baffled.

Surely Douchebag didn't just cripple New York City's economy, put sick and disabled residents' lives at risk, single-handedly ruin hundreds of small businesses, infinitely increase 7 million people's commute time to and from work, get his members and his union fined out the ass, all in the week leading up to Christmas for no reason whatsoever....

.... Did he?

**UPDATE** Strike officially over; Croissant still officially a bag of douche.

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