Friday, December 09, 2005

Cake Or Death

I've been wanting to link to this guy since I came across his site. Some of you may have noticed that, over to your right, there resides yet another Cake Or Death on the blogroll. No, I didn't add myself to my own list of bloggers. (Could there be anything more tacky?) And while I'd like to claim I came up with the title of my blog first.... I can't. He's been at this way longer than I have. But I will maintain that I had no idea his blog was out there.

.... I swear.

And nevermind that he's an obvious Izzard fan, but with a handle like "jwookie", he appears to have a love for the Star Wars as well. Were the sonofabitch not straight (and married), I'd have put my application for employment in months ago.

Yet I digress....

The wook-meister has a really good read about the unfortunate shooting in Miami by federal Air Marshalls and why they acted exactly as they should have. Crazy guy even backs up his opinions with shit like logic.

Nutty I tell ya'. Just nutty.

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