Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Obligatory Brokeback Mountain Post

I guess I should be expecting a notice from the International Gay Club (IGC) any day now stating that, "For lack of acknowledgment of the upcoming social-barrier-breaking film, Brokeback Mountain, your status as a homosexual has heretofore been revoked and all privileges contained therein permanently rescinded."

Yes, folks. It's that important.

Here's a bit of a recap from some of my favorite gay bloggers:

- Average Gay Joe: 2 posts (here and here)
- GayPatriot: 1 mention (here)
- DowntownLad*: 3 posts (here, here, and here)
- North Dallas Thirty: 1 post (here)
- The Malcontent: a whopping 6 (here, here, here, here, here, and here) plus the Brokeback Rotten Tomato meter.
* Ok... So maybe not a "favorite", but most assuredly gay.

Even my favorite species perpetuating breeding bloggers have joined in on the fun. Dave over at Garfield Ridge threw in two posts since the beginning of the month, while my unbeknownst-to-him-but-knownst-to-me foster blogfather Ace has a sexuality-questioning* two in one day!
*Love ya' Ace, and not in that gay way either.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm glad to see Brokeback getting all this free online publicity from gays and straights alike. It's encouraging. But between the blogosphere, the critics, and the recent Golden Globe nods, I'm left with the impression that this film is some kind of milestone for the gay community. A turning point in our social acceptance. A breakthrough. A landmark event. We've finally arrived!!

Folks.... It's a movie.

What bothers me about all of this hype is well... all this hype. There's speculation about how it will be received by the red-states. About who will and who won't "get it". As if the box-office returns of this film will then provide us with an accurate cross section of who is accepting of gays and who isn't.

I could be wrong or just blowing this whole deal out of proportion, but it seems to me that this movie is being treated like a really huge deal. And that's my problem. When people stop treating any and every small step forward the gay community takes as this monumental issue, it'll stop being such a monumental issue.

And maybe then I can start reading some posts about more important things.

.... Like King Kong.

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