Monday, January 09, 2006

Brokeback Fever: Catch It!!*

Well the Critic's Chose. Brokeback Mountain won Best Director and Best Picture, with the announcer oh-so- subtly reminding everyone that 5 out of the last 6 years, their pick for best film has gone on to win the Oscar. BM also leads in SAG Award nods.

Having yet to see the film (even though being constantly reminded of my duty to do so as a gay man), I can't comment on whether any of this is deserved or not. I'm sure some of it is. Friends of mine who have seen it have given it generally positive reviews.

Yet I still can't manage to slough off the feeling that the reason everyone absolutely loves Brokeback is because it's gay, gay, gay!!! Can't seem to get past the hunch that the "community" is looking to this film to turn middle-American on to being more accepting and receptive to homosexuality. A bit of gay propaganda, if you will.

And that bothers me.... Because it's a movie.

And I think that if we've seriously pinned our hopes and dreams for gaining social ground on a strip of celluloid with a two-hour and fourteen-minute running time.... well.

That just strikes me as a little sad.

(My official opinion to come later... ya' know. After I see the thing.)

* Stolen from Ace.

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