Wednesday, February 22, 2006


That's what one trip to Duane Reade cost me today.... Normally, I go there to pick up one or two items - maybe some Advil, maybe some toothpaste. But not on this day.

Today, I went with a mission. A purpose. It was a decision that I struggled with internally for a week or so. Do I or don't I? So many people who I respect have expressed their contempt for what I wanted to purchase. Yet, regardless, today, at noon, I decided "I do".


I went out and bought the damn Fusion. And a damn 4-pack of cartridges. To the tune of $23.28. Plus tax.

To justify the trip as something I needed to do (and not something I did just for this one item that in all honesty I didn't need in the first place), I picked up various other things: shampoo and conditioner, soap, some smokes.... Fourty-four twenty-one.

So a big YOU'RE WELCOME goes out in advance to the Gillette Marketing team. Ya' got me. Job well done, you sonsuhbitches.

I swear to God On High that this shave had better be above and beyond a night alone with a drunk and uninhibited Jeremy Bloom.


Is fusion.jpg equal to jeremyshirtless.jpg ?

Only time will tell....

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