Thursday, February 16, 2006

CoD? Idol Picks

I've been following the show now for the past three seasons, and I am fully aware that my opinion on who should stay and who should go means absolutely jack shit.

Nevertheless, I will give it to you: My pics for the last three girls and last three guys to remain on the show.... (after the jump of course.)More...

The Ladies :


Mandisa - A long shot, but one of my favorites. Great attitude, great voice... Girl will take you to church! But... she's 29.


Katharine McPhee - She's got the look and a healthy set of pipes. Also has the age thing going for her at 21. Older than most, younger than some.


Paris Bennett - Hands down, my favorite female. She will definitely be in the top 5. A 17 year-old Idol though...?

The Guys :


Will Makar - Okay fine. I picked him 'cause he's cute. Cute, and very, very young.


Ace Young - Okay fine. I picked him 'cause he's hot. He's got a voice to back it up though. That justifies it right?


Chris Daughtry - Okay fine. I want to do things to him. Repeatedly. Also has a voice, albeit an edgier one. I think he can pick up where Bo left off. I'm a little in love with this one. Just a little.

Of course, knowing my luck, now that I've posted this, all six of these guys will be out of the running by mid-March and it will end up coming down to Kevin Covias and Carrie Underwo... I mean Kellie Pickler.

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