Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crook The Vote

Let me tell ya'.... If this turns out to be true, Michelle's gonna' have to retitle her book for it's paperback release because "unhinged" wouldn't begin to scratch the surface.

From the Sun-Times:

The 36-year-old guard confessed that he allowed a convicted killer, two accused robbers and two others charged with aggravated kidnapping and battery to bust out of the jail to cast a shadow on Sheriff Michael Sheahan's management of the complex at 26th and California.

But wait.... There's more:

... the guard admitted he helped engineer the escape to give a political boost to Richard Remus, a candidate in the Democratic primary election and the former leader of the jail's Special Operations Response Team, the source said. (emphasis mine)

Obviously, Remus is claiming this whole idea is absurd and is accusing current sheriff Sheahan's (how unfortunate) camp of orchestrating an ugly smear campaign against him. But who exactly has the brains to come up with something so utterly evil and conniving? Is Rove dabbling in local politics now?

.... Or is there another?

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