Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Never Too Early To Talk Drum Corps

Yeah, I know. I'm a band dork. Hardcore. I not only admit it, but embrace my band dorkiness. With that in mind, I had to pass this along.

My favorite corps (and last years champions) The Cadets are currently in rehearsals for the 2006 season. The have recently posted what seems to be the full audio clip of their ballad. Odds are this will interest no one but.... On the off chance you have nothing to do for 2 minutes, give it a listen.

Keep in mind, the season doesn't start till June, so they're 4 months from having it fine-tuned, and that persistent "ticking" in the background is what we in the marching band world affectionately call Dr. Beat (just something to ingrain the performers with the tempo of the tune).

If their other three selections are anything like this, I'm thinking a second championship is in the works.

PS - For those with an additional 13 minutes of free time, The Cadet's complete show from finals week can be found here. (Love you Google Video!)

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