Saturday, February 11, 2006

Opening Ceremony Thoughts

I'm gonna' have to say, aside from the usual boring stuff (Parade of Nations, IOC speeches, etc.), this was a fairly interesting production.

First, the bad: Seeing Susan Sarandon carrying a corner of the Olympic Flag. Honest to God... what was that woman doing there? At that point, I was half expecting hubby Tim to be the surprise cauldron lighter. I had some syrup of ipecac on hand had that turned out to be the case.

The good: That long jump skiier dude that was made up of a bunch of Italians. Yeah, he looked like a mutant Lego-man from the Sixth Circle of Hell, but... he was still cool.


The best: Jeremy Bloom. To say I would do things to this man is an understatement of universal proportions. The Kama Sutra would need about two or three more editions to cover it all. And I would be more than willing to have him return the favor afterwards. Granted, he had his winter Olympic gear on while marching through the stadium, but...More...

.... He doesn't here.

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