Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Climate Change Changes With Time

I haven't heard much about global warming in the past 2 and a half days, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this week's Time cover story....

Don't just be worried folks. Be very worried. Time says so.

Just like they said we should be wary of drastic cooling temperatures back in '94:

Temperatures in dozens of cities dropped to all-time lows: -22 degreesF in Pittsburgh; -25 degrees in Akron, Ohio, and Clarksburg, West Virginia; -27 degrees in Indianapolis, Indiana.

JunkScience relates that the periodical's stance on climate change changes as often as the climate does. Just as a particularly cold winter could've been a harbinger of a new Ice Age, tomorrow's high of 67 here in New York all but confirms not only the phenomenon of global warming, but man's hand in it as well.

As Karol pointed out a couple months ago, this problem reportedly grows increasingly more dire every year.

As I've stated before, the jury's still out as far as I'm concerned as to the legitimacy of this "trend". Earth is known to go through alternating warming and cooling phases. It's hard to be certain that the human race is the culprit of all this. Michael Crichton points out that we can't even predict our financial climate - a system we created. What makes us think that we can predict something infinitely more complex?

It's easy to look at current events taking place in nature and scream "bloody warming", but when past events contradict the Disaster of the Week being fed to us now, you gotta' start wondering if these people have any idea what they're talking about.

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