Friday, March 31, 2006

McKinney In '08

Ace predicted that it wouldn't take long for Representative McKinney to bust out the race card in defense of her slapping of a Capitol cop. No disrespect to Ace, but that's like predicting you might need reconstructive surgery if you're skydiving, your chute doesn't deploy properly, and you land face first in a church parking lot.

We here at CoD? prefer to make more radical and baseless predictions. We do this in an attempt hide our stupidity by leading people to think that no one could possibly be that retarded and also to gain heaps of praise and adulation should the prediction actually turn out to be true (Kansas all the way!!!).

Therefore, it's the prediction of this blog that the Democratic nominee for the 2008 presidential race will be Cynthia "Slap you if you so much as look at me like I'm black" McKinney.

She's got the attitude. The, uhhh.... smarts. And most importantly... the hair.

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