Sunday, March 26, 2006

Probability & Statistics

I just got back from my trip a short while ago, anxious to see how my already crippled bracket was doing.

I figured that the laws of probability would dictate that if I went ahead and picked all four #1 seeds to go to the Final Four at least one of them would actually make it. Maybe even two or three if the stars were happy and twinkling that night. But at least one. I mean, these guys are all seeded first for a reason, right?

And that's the funny thing about probability. Sometimes it likes to take huge-ass dumps on your bracket. And not the kind that easily clean up either. No, no.... I'm talking about the kind that come out like soft ice-cream. The kind that have that perfect Dairy Queen tip to it. Maybe they even have sprinkles, who knows.... But regardless of toppings, they sit there and they get absorbed into your bracket and make the whole thing one steaming, festering pile of shite.

Fuck UConn. Fuck Memphis. Fuck Villanova. Fuck Duke.

.... When's baseball start?

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