Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another 9/11 Conspiracy Post

So I'm wondering how Moussaoui's voluntary self-inflicted-wound-to-the-foot admission about his knowledge of the 9/11 plot and the claim about his would-be involvement fits into all those conspiracy theories being touted out there.

I guess it's possible that Moussaoui is really good buds with Bush and and the President convinced his pal to take the fall for him. It's possible that maybe his entire testimony has been falsified in the media. It's possible that he was just bored one day and went to a cattle call for a new reality series called Pin The Blame On The Muslim, where the winner gets an all expense paid trip to Death Row complete with lethal injection, and was lucky enough to be the winner.

I've checked a couple of the more prominent conspiracy sites and have yet to see any mention of Moussaoui, but I'm sure it's just because they're doing their research. So while they look to dig up any circumstantial piece of evidence showing how their boy was set-up, I'll ask again.

Which is more likely?

A.) A government conspiracy dating back to over a decade ago flies remote controlled airplanes into the World Trade Center, detonates explosives within the towers to bring them down, fires a missile into the Pentagon, uses voice copying technology to fake calls from "passengers" aboard Flight 93 to their "loved ones", for the sole purpose of starting a war for oil - all of which is covered up by a media known for its undying loyalty to the present administration (it's true, just ask Dan Rather).

-- OR --

B.) A radical group of Islamofascists who have incessantly stated their hatred of America and their intent to destroy us, bypassed our airline security with items not thought to be a threat, hijacked the planes, and killed 3,000 people.

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