Sunday, April 02, 2006

McKinney In '08 Redux

Yeah, I know.... It's not so much a redux when I just posted about her two days ago. Semantics.

Regardless.... Robbie pointed me to this post on AmericaBlog which actually takes McKinney to task for her recent actions. (Yes, monkeys just started flying out of my bum as well.) There appears to be a small semblance of independent thought over there and unfortunately, the bats aren't havin' it. While some of the 600+ comments to the post are in agreement with the writer, quite a few are not:

- I have to agree with the pro-McKinney commentators on this one. She's been so much more progressive on so many issues (Iraq, gay rights, you-name-it) that she deserves to be cut some slack.

- I think the cops know who she is. They should. It is a bit of a puzzle, but she is strong and true to our values. Gotta show some loyalty to that. To our white bourgois expectations and boys club membership, not so much.

- Well it looks like you bought the right wing spin hook, line and sinker. McKinney is outspoken. So what?

There's actually a surprising number of comments in there that call McKinney out. Obviously, most defend her, citing the fact that the guard should've recognized her.

However, in regards to the security issue.... I have a checkpoint that I pass through every day at work. Little badge that I swipe over a reader, security guards, the whole deal. If for some reason my card didn't read, or the guard didn't notice the green light and didn't recognize me, and I kept walking, the odds are pretty good that he would call after me. If I didn't respond (stupid iPod), I would imagine he would attempt to detain me in some way, maybe by grabbing my arm. If it were to reach that point, I can assure you, dear reader, that my initial reaction would NOT be to slap/punch/pull/yank/knee said security guard.

But that's just me.

.... And I'm not a Democratic black woman.

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