Monday, April 03, 2006

Penguins Lay Eggs Two Days Later; Global Warming Blamed

Really.... Is there anything global warming can't do?

Unlike western Antarctica, no major warming or cooling has occurred in eastern Antarctica since the 1950's. However, in eastern Antarctica, sea-ice range has reduced 12 to 20 percent since the 1950's, owing to global warming, scientists say. Yet localized cooling has caused the sea-ice season to increase by more than 40 days since the 1970's.

These changes have been associated with a decline in abundances of krill and other marine organisms that are food resources for most Antarctic seabirds.

So because one half of the continent has experience localized cooling due to globalized warming, these animals, who've made their home in this area for centuries, just may in fact be doomed should they fail to adapt.

Got it.

PS - Ever notice how "global warming" is now only used in stories where an actual temperature increase is observed? Anything to the contrary, like a drop in temps, is indicative of a much broader "global climate change". I wish all these scientists would make up their minds about what I'm supposed to be fearing.

"It's a heat-wave beotches!" "...Word."

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