Wednesday, May 10, 2006

90 Days For Shooting A Couple Of Dogs....

In addition to a $750 fine. If convicted.

Maybe it's because the dogs were not only rescued from Katrina but were also beagles (of which I have an affinity for), but I'm thinking that's a rather light sentence to face.

Kenneth Cox pleaded not guilty last week. He says he shot the dogs while he was on a friend’s property and the dogs growled at him through a fence. Cox’s lawyer says he tried to shoo them away and fired when he felt threatened.

Threatened. By a beagle. You have to be a special kind of pussy to feel threatened by a beagle. My neighbors' cats aren't threatened by my beagle. And I've never known a beagle to growl unless provoked.

This guy needs to be tied to a steaming iron radiator by his nutsack and then pushed out the window (the higher up the better). Then we'll discuss an appropriate fine.

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