Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Four Years For This??

That's about the clearest still depicting Flight 77 milliseconds before slamming into the Pentagon I've found and it comes via Wizbang. What's interesting is that the still was taken from the same video the original stills came from. The "new video" that supposedly lays to rest any conspiracies out there, actually shows even less of the plane - a bit of the nose, followed by a brief indistinguishable white flash, and then the fireball.

When I read that the DOD would be releasing the video today, I was excited. The Pentagon attack has been the one thing that just never quite sat well with me about 9/11. The original security camera footage that was released did nothing to assuage my misgivings as it really just showed a fireball erupting on the side of the building for no apparent reason. I was honestly hoping for that "random" footage of someone who happened to be videotaping their trip to DC and caught the low-flying plane heading towards the Pentagon. Not the case at all. Just another grainy spastic security tape.

What bothers me about this whole thing is the simple fact that there really isn't anything new here. I can't see how any of the full videos from either camera would've been integral in the Moussaoui trial as the government has claimed. If one needed video evidence of planes striking buildings, there's a shit load of archival footage from New York City that day.

There was no reason to sit on this for four years.

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