Monday, October 16, 2006

Come For The Suntan, Stay For The Root Canal

Croatia is upping its tourism appeal by incorporating cheap dental care in its list of Things To Do While In Town.

Zeljko Popadic and his sister Jelena Nedeljkovic started a modest dental practice in the northern Adriatic town of Rovinj in 1997. They had only three employees and a few local patients.

Less than a decade later, their reputation has reached foreign markets as Europeans take advantage of low prices in former communist countries.

Hit the beaches, lay out, grab a late lunch at the hotel, then head on over to the local hot-spot to get that cavity filled. Why not? Nedeljkovic states:

It is a perfect opportunity to combine holidays and dental care.

Amen to that sister. When I was in Italy last year the only thing I could think of while walking through the Vatican was not, "Wonder where Pope Benny is?" but rather, "Hot damn, I could go for a thorough dental cleaning right about now."

.... If only my brother's wife had been Croatian.

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