Monday, October 16, 2006

El Loser-O

The U.N. elected four new non-permanent members to the Security Council today. Guess who wasn't included in the list? Yeah... seems as though Mr. Chavez's 20-minute Dante metaphor didn't pan out as well as he'd hoped.

Unfortunately, there's still one more seat up for grabs:

A fifth non-permanent seat, to be awarded to a member of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, remains in contention after neither Guatemala nor Venezuela obtained the needed two-thirds majority during 10 rounds of voting today.

But by the looks of the voting members, Venezuela has a lot more name-calling and sulfur-sniffing to do before it's allowed to sit at the Big Kids table.

In the tenth round of voting for Latin America and the Caribbean, where 125 votes were needed to win, Guatemala received 110 and Venezuela picked up 77. There were four abstentions.

I'm thinking a rousing monologue comparing Bush and Cheney to the evil Lord Sauron and traitor Saruman (respectively) oughtta get the job done for those 50 votes. Maybe liken the DC area to Mordor. Play up the "Venezuela's populated by short people living in the ground" angle. That should do it I'd think.

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