Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LOST Season Premiere

So yeah. The first couple minutes was a genuine "Lost W.T.F. Moment". Very well done writers. Very well done indeed.

After that however, it pretty much turned into the Jack, Kate, and Sawyer hour. And unless I missed some .429 second clip at the end of Season 2, there were 40-some odd other survivors of Flight 815 who had stories going on as well. I don't need an entire episode devoted to how Sawyer got a biscuit, Kate took a shower, and Jack dwelled over his ex-wife.

They're captured by the Others. We got it. I actually had a pretty good idea that had happened at the end of last season, what with the burlap bags over the heads and all. A few tasty morsels were thrown in to raise questions (why was she sad?), but overall... B-. I was hopin' for an A+, so that hurts a bit.

The best part of the show should never be the previews for next week's episode. But it was....

.... And that's why I'll be tuning in again next week.

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