Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mike Tyson Wants To Bite Fight Women

For charity of course. Tyson thinks boxer Ann Wolfe would be worthy appetizer opponent but Wolfe's promoter stated it would never happen.

No state would sanction that. She would be outweighed by 60 to 70 pounds. Ann would never entertain the idea.

Ann's obviously got some sense. And while the whole co-ed boxing idea is disturbing, it wasn't the only revelation in the article that made my breakfast creep northward. It appears as though Tyson's a Republican?

Tyson, wearing a white and blue Steele for U.S. Senate T-shirt, said he used to believe black Republicans were "sellouts." But Tyson said he changed his mind after researching the Maryland lieutenant governor.

I'm really just not sure what to make of that....

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