Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sheik Halali Will Step Down When Hell Freezes Over

... Or when the White House is no more. Whichever comes first.

Questions arose concerning his leadership after he suggested a couple of things concerning women - 1. ) That they were the cause of roughly 90% of adultery cases, and 2.) That those who dressed inappropriately were inviting gang rape.

Hey. He's just tellin' it like it is. I mean hell. It's not like chicks try to hide it. Britney Spears crashed into pop culture by wearing a skimpy Catholic girl's uniform while asking the entire world to please hit her, just one more time. Then she goes on to marry Federline, and well c'mon folks. I don't care how many kids they have, that's an "I've decided to regularly bone the milk man" scenario if ever there was one.

Regardless, religious tensions are rising Down Under. Prime Minister John Howard fears the sheik's comments could incite a lasting backlash against Muslims.

"What I am saying to the Islamic community is this: 'If they do not resolve this matter, it could do lasting damage to the perceptions of that community within the broader Australian community'," Mr Howard told Southern Cross radio.

Can't imagine why.

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