Friday, November 24, 2006

Can Of Worms Now Officially Opened

If ever was there a premise for a reality TV show, this is it.

A lesbian couple married in Massachusetts has filed for divorce in Rhode Island, setting up a legal conundrum for judges in a state where the laws are silent on the legality of same-sex marriage.

Margaret Chambers and Cassandra Ormiston of Providence were married after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court legalized gay marriage starting in 2004.

Two lesbians locked in a bitter divorce battle? Bravo executives just collectively climaxed.

You can file this under "short-sightedness". I mean, let's face it. The gay community isn't exactly known as a bastion of monogamy and life-long commitments. In their rush to make marriage legal, gay-rights advocates never seemed to consider the idea of divorce. Nor did the out-of-state couples who car-pooled to Massachusetts to tie the knot.

This'll be interesting....

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