Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CoD? Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain

Ok, yes. It took three-hundred and fifty-seven (357) days for me to see the movie that officially ushered in The Age of Gay Acceptance. The film that had the cajones to show two A-list actors kiss - 0n the big screen!! The cinematic masterpiece that made it okay to be me, Brokeback Mountain!!!

.... Almost made it a whole year. As such, I will be handing in my membership to Homosexual Yacht Club. Returning my Madonna anthology, and slowly disassembling my Cher shrine to donate to the Salvation Army. Bad gay, Chad. BAD!

Regardless, the movie was... good. Nothing spectacular. Not all that hype-worthy. And in dire need of an editor who could spot pointless and/or repetitive sections of the film to leave on the cutting room floor. I'm not going to get into the details of what I felt was good or bad, 'cause well... it's a year after the fact. If you wanna' see it, see it. I think it's worth it (although there's a number of fast-forward moments.) I wouldn't buy it, however. It's not something I'd pop in the DVD player unless I was having trouble falling asleep.

I did not feel it got screwed at the Oscars. Crash, in my opinion, was a much better (and far more entertaining) film. It did win for Best Score though, and I think that's because, for some reason, that guitar theme has some magical ability to homo-ize any scenario it accompanies. Straight Bob and his married, Alpha-male, straight friend Mark could be pounding forties while watching Monday Night Football, and the second Mark's wife pops in the soundtrack, Bob and Mark would be dick deep in pudding.

Probably how we're gonna' take over the world. Just drive around in our trucks like that kid in Mars Attacks!, playing that yodeling shit that made the aliens' heads pop.

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