Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So it's been slow bloggin's here the past couple days, and for that I apologize. What with the holidays now upon us, things get kinda nutty and my usual MO of posting on stories 95% of the blogosphere covered two weeks ago ends up on the back burner.

But I'd figure I could at least recap my reunion over the weekend:

- Total Offspring of Class of '96: 43.7 (one's due in 2 months)
- Total Marriages of Class of '96: 2 (yeah, you do the math)
- Total Divorces of Class of '96: 17 (16 of which belong to one girl)
- Total Pounds Gained: 2,751 (they had a scale next to the keg, so that number could be skewed high)
- Total Number of Ex-Girlfriends Who Showed Up With Their Wives: 1 (yes, it's quite likely we turned each other gay.)

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