Monday, December 18, 2006

I :Heart: Danny Bonaduce*

Little bit of some back story first. John Connor is a Retarded One-Fourther who has some website about manifestos and resistance. He routinely posts videos of himself speaking truth to power on YouTube and Google Video "exposing the lies" of the government in regards to 9/11, and the evils of this administration in general.

For a brief introduction to his stupidity, watch how he tries to liken J-walking to a terrorist act. Nevermind that he never gets arrested for this domestic terrorism....

Now watch as he takes his superior intellect out to lunch and interupts a dining Danny Bonaduce.

*File this under Blog Post Titles I Never Thought I'd Type.

**UPDATE** It appears as though some truthers thought it might be a good idea to dole out death threats to Danny's wife and 12 year-old daughter.

**UP-UPDATE** Because I'm sure Hot-Air needs links from me, hop on over there. They have the audio of Danny-Boy calling into John Gibson's show discussing this whole situation.

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