Thursday, December 07, 2006

Loose Ships

A rather amusing take on what life would've been like had Google Video, Dylan Avery, and the rest of the Retarded 1/4th existed 60 years ago. The Pearl Harbor Truth Movement:

Some enterprising and innovative people have carried the analysis further. In one sequence shown in the documentary, a man built a wooden model of the ship in his pond, and filmed himself dropping lit firecrackers on it from above, to demonstrate how preposterous was the notion that ships could be sunk by bombs. They seemed to have no effect other than a slight scorching of the deck, and the sturdy little toy remained afloat.

Let's not forget the 5.93 bazillion dollars in gold that had been stored in the hull of the USS Arizona, but went mysteriously missing after the "attack".

Or the fact that the smoke that erupted from the crippled ship resembled a volcanic pyroclastic flow that was pitch black, indicating the "fires" were oxygen-starved.

Or that the Oklahoma capsized at twice the speed of log-rolling.

Or that the only explanation for the utter disintegration of the Pacific fleet was a high-tech beam weapon that was fired from the moon.

Or that each ship in the fleet had a concrete deck which floats in water ('cause concrete is made up of very small rocks.)

Or that Roosevelt is on record stating unequivocally that the day of the attack was "infamous", which, if you drop "in-", you're left with "famous", meaning that the President wanted to be popular and therefore green-lighted the inside job.

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