Thursday, December 21, 2006

LOST To Be Found Sooner?

Yeah, yeah. Stupid title, I know. Get over it.

It looks like ABC may be shortening the show's hiatus amid fears that it's ratings-challenged replacements will cause the network to lose it's Wendnesday footing.

If done, the show would return either January 10th or 17th. Probably a good move considering that ratings for the third season were already lower than the previous two. Taking the full 13 week break would only further damage what's become a fragile and frustrated fan-base (no alliteration intended).

Personally, this break has left me questioning my loyalty to the show. I'm sure I will tune in for the Season 3.2 premiere, but it's gonna have to be even better than 3.1's to keep me devout.

I've found a new love. And his name is Jack Bauer. Jack was a good boyfriend and decided to give me a 2-night, 4 hour season premier for my birthday.

Gonna be hard to top that ABC.

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