Sunday, March 16, 2008

Open Letter To The Lovely Ms. Kern

Dear Sally,

I'm sure you're pretty busy lately as word continues to spread about some remarks you made concerning homosexuality "being a bigger threat than terrorism," but on the off chance you have a moment, there is one fairly large and glaring discrepancy that, being a homosexual myself, I'd like to clear up.  Pull up a seat, and get comfy, because this is obviously going to come as a shock to you.


We don't actively kill people.

I'm not sure what news your getting out there in Oklahoma, but I've yet to see groups of gays banding together and beheading people.  Maybe I just need to pay more attention.  Maybe my local news is under gay-control and won't run with those types of stories for fear of being tortured with Streisand CDs.  ... Or maybe it's just not happening.

It's a tad distressing to see an elected official unable to make this distinction of what constitutes a threat.  Perhaps if you spent less time trying to ban books from libraries, you'd realize that there truly is real evil in this world.  It's the same evil that brought us 9/11.  The same evil that visited Madrid and London.  The same evil that our troops are constantly fighting over in the Middle East.

You've apparently been receiving some death threats in response to your remarks.  And while I do not condone them, I can see where they come from.  I'm not one that has ever actively defended the gay community.  I find much of what they do to be ridiculous and counter-productive.  However, when we are compared to those who torture and murder for a god and are decided to be worse than those people....  I must stand with my fellow gays.

You justify your remarks in that it's not the actual gay people, it's their sin that you despise.  I will counter that by saying it is not you, but this pervasive attitude of fear towards homosexuals that I despise.  It is an attitude that is rooted in religion and ignorance.  I do not see you changing either of those.

I look forward to the day those attitudes are no longer a part of this world.

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