Thursday, September 11, 2008

7th Anniversary

This is the first year since I had moved up the New York that I won't be in the city for the anniversary of 9/11.  It's a little surreal not being there, going to work like it's just another day.  I guess that's just one more casualty of the attacks - knowing that, no matter how hard any of us try, regardless of the year that follows it, September the 11th will never be "just another day"....

To the city I still deep down call home, my thoughts are with you today.

To the 2,975 men and women... fathers and mothers... sons and daughters... brothers and sisters... who lost their lives that day, you are not forgotten.

And to those who live with the burden of that day on a daily basis - the survivors, the loved ones left behind, the first responders - you will never walk alone.

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