Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ouch, CNN!

Not sure what's hurting more right now.  The Obama/Biden camp?  Or my strongly held belief of the media being staunchly left-wing.

This here is, by far, the last article I would've expected to read on CNN.  Not only does it point out that both Biden and Obama voted against killing the Bridge to Nowhere... twice!!... it lays a heavy hand across Joey's penchant for earmarking expensively pointless projects in the state of Delaware to the tune of $342 million for this year alone.
Among his requests: $1 million for renovation of an opera house in Wilmington, another million for the construction of a children's museum and thousands of dollars for a water park renovation in Lewes.
I was just in Wilmington last week, and trust me.... the few people in that town who even know what opera is probably aren't pitching that big of a fit because the chandelier is missing a bulb and the paint in the box seats is starting peel.

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