Monday, September 15, 2008

Sullivan On Palin On Gays

The Queen of Righteous Indignation struck again today.  In response to Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson, (s)he referenced Sarah's quote that:

... I'm not going to judge someone on whether they believe that homosexuality is a choice or genetic. I'm not going to judge them.
Miss Thang is quick to point out (emphasis mine):
Palin does judge homosexuals in as extreme a fashion as you can imagine.
This extreme fashion (s)he is referring to is that the church Palin belonged to in Wasilla was one in which they "pray the gay away".  Now, let me be clear.  I find praying to cure gays of their sexuality to be downright hilarious.  It's right up there with basically anything that comes out of the Church of Scientology.

That said, I can't help but be a tad appalled and filled with gob-smacking heart-ache by Sullivan's complete lack of imagination.  Is praying for a gay guy to hop the fence really more extreme than this?

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