Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bob Ross Goes Political

Chicago resident and artiste, Bruce Elliott, decided to use his powers for... something political... by painting a 4-foot tall portrait of Sarah Palin.  Standing on a polar bear skin.  Holding an automatic rifle.


The picture of Palin, in which he used his supposedly look-alike daughter as a stand-in, is hanging in the Old Town Ale House on Chicago's North Side.
"I don't see how she could be offended by this," Elliott told the Windy Citizen. "I made her into a sex figure."
Elliott's obvious over-confidence in his artistic ability aside (it looks like first grade paint-by-number),  I just can't seem to buy into the fact that a self-proclaimed Obama supporter would set out to turn a political candidate in which he "despises everything she stands for" into a sex figure.  One would think that, if the goal was truly to convey a sense of adoration or idolatry, Mr. Elliott would've gone out scouring Chicago for a shrieking harpy to use as a stand-in for Michelle Obama.

Nevertheless, as even the most average artists are inclined to do, he inspired me to do some of my own work.  Not having the means to import my original artwork of Joe Biden, I searched the internet to find a site that would provide an acceptable substitute of comparable quality.

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