Friday, October 17, 2008

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Updated: I'm reversing my stance on this issue 100% in light of the fact that it has now reached the scale of physical assault.  The media and Obama campaign had no problem producing faux outrage over the as-of-yet still unconfirmed "Kill him" comment at a McCain rally....  This story has gone unnoticed for over a month.  McCain has repudiated those comments, to the point where he has almost come across as though he's only a few back in the cue waiting to fellate The One himself. 

Obama's condemnation of his supporters assaulting women in 3........  

Now that the economy is stable, eastern nations are no longer making overt power moves, and Britney is back (and naked), the political war for the White House has basically ignored these non-issues and has been reduced to "which side has the craziest fucktards."

My last post illustrated what some of the 'tards on the left feel is appropriate political discourse.  The Media has basically latched on to how a McCain supporter brought a monkey labeled "Obama" to one of his rallies.  On and on we go.

For all intents and purposes, the election now seems to hinge on what really is nothing more than a contest of "Your Momma" jokes.  What's disheartening is that the "heavy-hitter" blogs have become so obsessed with this.  (Michelle Malkin and the Huffington Post, e.g.)  Many people, regardless of political ideology, turn to sites like these as a way to filter through whatever bias they feel the media imposes on either candidate.  

This is an important election, and here we're talking stuffed animals, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.  (Yes, I'm guilty of this too, but thankfully, I only have 8 readers.)  In fact, I started writing this post to add fuel to the flames by pointing to the "Sarah Palin is a c***" t-shirts that were on display in Philly recently.  What I found was that some of the photographs that were linked on Flickr were taken down by the poster.

Now, while I'm sure he and I could not disagree more politically, and while I'm not sure his reasoning for doing so (can't see how the phrase on the shirt could be taken "out of context") is necessarily sound, I have to give him props...

On Saturday, Republican vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin came to Philadelphia. ACT-UP/Philly, among many other groups, called for an organized protest. I showed up and took some pictures. I even made a video of the protest of which I'm quite proud.

In wanting to represent the breadth of the protest, however, I took some pictures of people wearing shirts that attacked Sarah Palin using language demeaning to women.

You can see an image of these shirts here, but be aware the language used could be triggering.

I then uploaded these images to Flickr, without comment. Apparently my images were noticed quite quickly, because they started getting blogged about and the comments on this image in particular were quite extensive (the image is no longer on that page, but I left it up for the sake of recording the comments).

I made a mistake in propagating this language.

Here's hoping both sides of this battle can grow up over the next 21 days.

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