Tuesday, July 12, 2005

'Cause Cosmos And Appletinis Just Weren't Cuttin' It....

I love how there's shit going on in the world that can be covered in the news through many different angles, and yet THIS was considered worthy of printing.

What is that? As if the gay community hasn't hijacked enough crap... we now need our own soda!?!?! "Homo Light"??!?! I'd love to see how this thing is gonna be packaged. I'd like to think it wouldn't be possible to further the stereotype any more than this already will, but... I kinda doubt it.

I love this quote though.... "The goal is not for us to make money but to make us more visible and accepted"....

A.) You're in Norway, one of the most liberally run countries in the world as far as gay rights go, so... you're accepted.

B.) You're symbols are bright rainbow colored flags and neon-pink upside-down triangles and half of you won't leave the house without a liberal amount of body glitter, so... you're visible.

A soda ain't gonna further your cause, honey. Sorry....

Thanks to Ace.

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