Monday, July 11, 2005

To Anyone That Happens To Stumble Across My Little Space On The Web Here,

Today is a Monday and Mondays are happy days. Why, you ask? Because it's Link Garfield Ridge Day!!! Now I know that my readership here is hovering around the "zero" mark and that the extra traffic Dave is lookin for will not be coming from me. But it's all about the goodwill people. It's all about the unknowns. The maybes.

Maybe someone will stumble across this piss-ant site and see this post and go visit the Ridge and that will put Dave up over his quota for the day and he will trackback me and send me a thank you note and offer to buy me some beers the next time I'm in D.C.

In all seriousness, from what I can tell, Dave's a wacky guy that has some light-hearted fare over his way. As well as some more serious writings for those of you looking for... more serious writings.

Anyway.... Check. Him. Out.

(And don't forget to tell him who sent ya'.)


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