Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ruminations On A Sunday

I woke up this morning... scratch that.... afternoon with the same frame of mind I do on pretty much every Sunday - dreading the fact that tomorrow is Monday.

Do laundry....

Get groceries....

Get stuff ready for the upcoming work week....

Clean the room a bit....

All the boring, mundane, domestic crap that one must prepare to get rarin' to go for the next five work days.

But then Sunday nights roll around and at approximately 9pm... angels being to sing. That's because, for the next 90 minutes (thanks to the miracle of DVR), the best two shows on television (with the exception of Walker, Texas Ranger of course) hit the tube.

Six Feet Under and Family Guy.

Honestly folks.... if you don't watch these shows, you're missin' out. Six Feet Under, well... if you haven't followed it, don't bother tuning in now, but do yourself a favor and start buying the seasons on DVD. One of the best written, acted, and moving shows to come along in awhile.

Family Guy.... You know those laughs that all but knock the wind out of you because something totally hilarious and unexpected happens? You get one of those in between every commercial break. Even when the show isn't that funny it's still pretty effin funny. Smart, wrong in every way, and then wrong some more.

For those 90 minutes, thankfully, I'm not thinking about Monday.

Thus concludes my thoughts on Sundays.

** Be sure to check back tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, my roomies and I will be adding to our crazy, mixed-up, dysfunctional "family".

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